About Us
NP Stainless Steel Accessories was established in 1999 as a major importer in Kluang, Johor. Today the company was successful further extend the business to whole Johor area and East Malaysia as well as other country such as Singapore, Brunei, and India. Since twenty-first century, we have a trace of footprints in the history of stainless steel from it's germination until the peak period.

In this nearly 20 years, we promised: "integrity, quality products," as our business philosophy. Our highest quality of service has been trusted by our valued customers and constantly establish a long-term and stable relationship. It also enable us to create a good company's reputation and relatively in high market share.

We always implement "excellence services and innovative research" concept to manufacture new products to better serve customers.

We will build a customer sales feedback system to meet the high demand for customers and continuously improving our products to create a better future!


NP Stainless Steel Accessories 成立于1999年,从一个小小的进口商不断壮大,市场由居銮扩展到柔佛州,东马及全国,乃至新加坡,文莱,印度。自二十一世纪起不锈钢从萌芽状态到高峰期,都有我们一步一脚印的痕迹。在这近二十年的时间里我们承诺着:“诚信,品质专业,”的经营理念。以最优质的服务取得了广大顾客的信赖,不断建立起长期稳定的合作关系。因此我们打造出公司良好的知名度以及更高的市场占有率。



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